Working with .NET technology, Visual Antidote implements focuses on two industry-leading platforms for association management and web content delivery.

iMIS EMS Consulting

We implement and tailor iMIS to meet your unique requirements.

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Kentico CMS Services

Beautiful, functional and modern websites using an industry-leading platform.

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Your Success is Our Success

When our clients succeed we succeed. We measure how well we do on how well our solutions help you achieve your technology goals.

Focus on Non-Profit Sector

The majority of our clients are not for profits and associations giving us unique insight into best practices and opportunities.

Long Term Clients

We take great pride in building and maintaining long-term relationships with all our clients, many we have had for over 10 years.


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VA Blog

Some of our thoughts on iMIS, development, and creating great products

IBM Watson and The Greater Fool Blog Sentiment Analysis

We scraped over one year of blogs and comments from, and applied them to IBM Watson to see what IBM's AI had to say about Canada's best financail blog! 

Progressive Web Apps

Apps for mobile devices that run in the browser and do not need to be downloaded from an app store. With the advent of super fast 5G mobile networks, PWAs will soon become a contender to native mobile applications.

Sonic Forms Document Display

Sonic Forms Document Display is a complementary iPart introduced in 2018 to give our customers more options for display and access to documents uploaded through Sonic Forms Document Manager. Find out how this can help you gain a 360 degree perspective on complex applications and form submissions.