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By James Harrison on

As a small but growing firm, we are looking for a dynamic, passionate and driven, detail-oriented and talented developer to work with our consulting in 2020. We are currently looking for a Junior Front End Developer with strong work ethic. The ideal candidates will have a passion for developing first class web-based solutions, meeting targets, and working both independently and as part of a dynamic team.

Junior Front End Developer

As the junior you will be working closely with experienced members of our development team and applying your skills in both front-end and back-end development work. We expect to mentor you and develop yourtalents and show you how to apply them to real-world problems and work with evolving customer needs and requirements.

You are likely a recent graduate of a college or university program in computer science and are looking for an excellent position to learn and grow within.


James Harrison

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James Harrison

James is the lead developer and a senior consultant at Visual Antidote. He is both an iMIS Consultant with 10 years experience and a Certified Kentico Developer