Canadian Payroll Association

CPA represents over 40,000 payroll practitioners covered under individual or organization memberships, working with employers and governments to make payroll legislation and administration more efficient. The site is bilingual and fully integrated with the iMIS membership management system.


CPA wanted to make their site more engaging, improved navigation. Making it easier for members to find and sign up for online courses.
It was important to make the site more modern looking and mobile friendly


CPA needed a multilingual site. It was important that the user had a seamless experience  switching between languages, and  the CMS had to have the capability to do this.

We also needed to build a complex event systém. CPA has over 500 active events over many different categories and we needed to build a search system that will allow users to easily find a course or session that would apply to them.


The multilingual functionality in Kentico allowed us to easily implement  a two language website and for staff to update content. For each custom piece of structured content Kentico managed the French and English version of that.

Kentico’s  ability to create custom page types allowed us to create structured content that ensured that the design vision was consistently followed and executed.

We also integrated Kentico and IMIS using Kentico’s single sign on functionality. This allowed users to browse seamlessly between the two systems.

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