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Bridges improved and systemized their Educate platform for web-delivered educational and Assistive Technology.

About Bridges

Bridges offers direct sales and Professional Development Services across Canada in both English and French. They Bridges team is nationally and internationally known for creating augmentative communication systems and school systems to create Assistive Technology solutions.

Implementation Goals

  1.   Create an effective platform that offers a seamless experience to users subscribing to the service 
  2.   Attract new customers, school boards, and educators with the effectiveness of the platform
  3.   Create an intuitive user experience the online education subscription service
  4.    Improve search functionality for education software and tutorial documents / videos,
  5.   Create content tagging abilities, filtered by tags and parametric search
  6.   Improve reporting processes 

The Challenges

  • A very large library of documents that was disorganized and contained within an old system, leaving it nearly impossible to glean the precise number of documents for import
  •   Very specific requirement from the client for user interface customization which included accessing, categorizing, and tagging over 4000 documents (other CMS’ did not offer the flexibility to customize this UI)
  •   Bridges’ previous system did not allow for easy retrieval of software packages and documents, preventing current users from finding teaching materials easily

Key Reasons for Choosing Kentico CMS

Ease of Use

The Kentico CMS is simple to use even for non-technical users and provides detailed training materials.


Kentico offers reliable and thorough tech support.


Kentico’s capabilities allow for rapid website development without complex programming.


Kentico allowed for seamless integration with our Learning Management System, VA Insight.


Kentico provides the ability to create custom reports and detailed site analytics.


After spending a substantial amount of time in the discovery process, we broke the implementation of Kentico with our custom module VA Insight into a few steps. 
Firstly we organized the categories for all the document types; namely Teach, Learn and Directed Learning. Teach contained ready-made curriculum templates, Learn contained training materials where educators could learn how to use the Assistive Technology products and improve their proficiency, and finally Directed Learning contained a series of e-lessons that are offered with quizzes at the end to complete various certifications. 
Secondly we prototyped the UI and built out the components of the system architecture; making the tag list structure, defining custom document types, mapping out category trees, and designing the user access security model in Kentico. 
Thirdly we imported documents and set up our custom LMS, VA Insight, and created custom search pages in Kentico. We also built an easy-to-use customer self-registration process.
Fourthly we implemented role-based and membership-based user access security model, one of Kentico’s strongest features. 
Lastly we did training, testing and documentation.

The Results

The results were phenomenal! The new Educate platform built on Kentico CMS allowed easy access to services, and saved time organizing and adding new training materials. The team was able to access a self-service link enabling customers to register themselves to the platform and set up workflows that auto-enrolled them into courses based on their membership. This automation and self-service piece saves the team at Bridges a great deal of time that was spent in the past manually registering customers and enrolling them into courses. 
Customers such as school boards can now track data in which teaching professionals can add up-to-date credentials from completing certifications.
Bridges can use metrics to determine which curriculum is popular, allowing them to predict what kind of curriculum their clients are looking for, cater their services to their customers, and track top landing pages.


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