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LAS implemented a single user portal built with Kentico CMS by integrating with three separate 3rd party systems, to increases business services sales and site traffic.

About LAS

Local Authority Services (LAS) provides business services such as commodity procurement, energy services (energy planning, energy procurement and energy consulting), solar photovoltaic, and streetlight upgrades and investment for municipalities in Ontario.

‚ÄčImplementation Goals

  • Create a platform that enables LAS to improve their online presence and engage customers
  • Create a website that showcase LAS’s services, attracts new members/customers, and offers an efficient portal for accessing online tools like the Energy Management Tool and Energy Planning Tool
  • Energy Management Tool (EMT) is a web tracking tool that enables municipalities to track, measure and manage their energy, water, and GHG’s in various municipal facilities; allowing information about facilities to be available in one single area
  • Energy Planning Tool (EPT) helps LAS’s customers generate reports and plans that comply with the Energy Ministry’s regulations for annual energy consumption
  • Integrate new website with the 3rd party platforms
  • Build an online registration for events and connect with an increased number of members/customers via online tools including social media
  • Ensure editing of online content is polished with an intuitive interface for content creators to organize and share content, following LAS desire to change their organization’s culture towards creating online content
  • Integrate online 3rd party products to provide users with a “one portal” seamless experience

The Challenges

  • An outdated existing CMS that was no longer supported with very limited ability to update content
  • Finding a CMS that could integrate seamlessly with 3rd party tools like EMT and EPT
  • Integrating Kentico with an existing Associate Management System which was unwieldy and inflexible
  • An outdated existing AMS with limits to its API causing limited general “open” access to its code and functionality
  • An existing AMS used as the “master of record” for user logins, event registrations and member data, requiring each of these pieces to be integrated with the Kentico web interface

Key Reasons for Choosing Kentico CMS


Kentico’s open code access, extensible widgets and open structure allowed seamless integration with a 3rd party AMS that was inflexible. This was key to the success of our project.


Kentico’s ease of integration and the ability to expand upon from a developer’s perspective.


Kentico’s tech team is always available to provide support for the CMS. You also receive quick service and 24 turnaround times with complex problems. Great support overall for partners!


Kentico’s CMS is feature rich and highly functional and at the same time very cost effective which makes it an affordable solution to our association and non-profit clients.


Many high-powered features to support today’s Web 2.0 solutions.


A major element of the project execution involved finding a flexible CMS that would enable the LAS team overcome the above listed challenges. When Kentico was identified as the CMS that could meet all of LAS’ requirements in the backend, a Visual Antidote designer created a fresh branding strategy as well as new site design. We also mapped out the site architecture and this included the integration with other partner sites. Visual Antidote’s team used Kentico widgets to create an online portal (dashboard) that integrated well with LAS’ 3rd integrated Kentico with the user logins, roles security and e-commerce for event registration. This process of bringing all tools to the same web portal using Kentico CMS was key to the success of the project. Kentico’s open structure, access to code and extensible widgets and web parts, make it a great choice of CMS’ to compensate for the inflexibility of 3rd party AMS.

The Results

The successful creation of an online portal that seamlessly integrates with 3rd party tools into one unified dashboard which provides ease of access for the customer, lead to an increase in sales for these systems due to cross selling. The new website also lists all of LAS‘ services resulted in a large increase in site traffic and increased awareness of all products and services. Our team saved a lot of time in development because of Kentico’s open architecture and access to code. Our team approximates that we saved 30-50% of time in development using Kentico.

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