Sonic Forms Document Manager

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Sonic Forms Document Manager is an add-on module which is available for Sonic Forms customers to assist with managing documents as part of a form submission process.

Sonic Forms Document Manager is a standalone iPart which is deployed on a RiSE page. When deployed, the iPart is a compact control letting users upload or download one or more documents or files.   

By using a configuration panel available only to administrators, the iPart can be configured  to: 
  • Allow one or more documents to be uploaded
  • Enforce the minimum and maximum number of documents that can be uploaded
  • Enforce the allowed formats and maximum size of the uploaded files
  • Add optional previous/next buttons and update both the text on the button, and where to take users when clicked
  • Call a stored procedure in the database which you can control and write yourself 
  • Many other configuration options!

Example  - A Simple Document Manager iPart Deployed 

In the example above, the user can select which document they wish to upload. The documents are downloadable (via hyperlinks) and they can be deleted if necessary. The user can also choose to cancel the file they want to upload as well as submit the uploaded documents to the selected table chosen.

Clicking on the "Update Settings" button will display the configuration panel for Sonic Forms Document Manager which controls the options for document capture and access (and is visible only to administrators logged in to RiSE).