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Visual Antidote offers installation assistance. Our staff can set up and configure your Sonic Forms Document Manager if you need help with the installation process. Contact us at to arrange an installation appointment.

Installation Requirements

Installing Sonic Forms Document Manager requires:
  • Access to your iMIS application (and optional web server)
  • A system administration account on iMIS (normally MANAGER)

Sonic Forms Document Manager Media

The installation media for Sonic Forms Document Manager includes:
  • Installation and release documentation in .rtf format
  • A folder with the following installation files:
    • /net/VA_iParts/FastForms/Images (folder)
      • delete.gif
    • /net/VA_iParts/FastForms/VA_FastForms_DocMgr.ascx
    • /net/VA_iParts/FastForms/VA_FastForms_DocMgr.ascx.cs
    • /net/VA_iParts/FastForms/VA_FastForms_DocMgr_InnerPage.ascx
    • /net/VA_iParts/FastForms/VA_FastForms_DocMgr_InnerPage.ascx.cs
  • Content Type record for Sonic Forms Document Manager iPart

Installation and Upgrade Steps

New Installation and Upgrades
  • Merge the Sonic Forms components into your target iMIS environment
New Installations only
  • Import the Sonic Form Document Manager Content Type into your RiSE environment
Note if you prefer to configure the Sonic Forms Document Manager content type manually, the settings are available here.

Merge Sonic Forms Document Manager components into your iMIS environment

  1. Login to your iMIS application or webserver environment and ensure that the Sonic Forms Document Manager media is accessible from this server (download or copy as appropriate).
  2. Copy the Sonic Forms Document Manager "net" folder on your installation media into your iMIS installation directory (usually /Program Files/ASI/<YourAssociation>/) where "<YourAssociation>" is your organization's abbreviation. You will be prompted to merge the installation /net folder with the main iMIS /net folder. This will ensure that all components are deployed correctly.
  3. When you merge the /net folder provided in the installation media with your iMIS installation this will make Sonic Forms Document Manager available for use. If you are upgrading Sonic Forms Document Manager, please overwrite all files.
  4. Confirm that the files have been copied.

Import the Sonic Forms Document Manager Content Type

As a final step, you should import the Sonic Forms Document Manager content type record to allow you to deploy the iPart on your rise website (this is not required for upgrades).
  1. Login as a System Administrator (e.g. MANAGER) on your iMIS Staff or Admin website.
  2. Navigate to RiSE --> Maintenance --> Content Types
  3. Click on Import and select the "Sonic Forms DocMgr Content Type" record included with your installation media.
  4. Import this content type into your RiSE installation, Sonic Forms Document Manager will be added to your "Custom" directory.