Sonic Forms 3.0.1712B

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Released December 18, 2017

  • Name Change – Fast Forms Document Manager is now Sonic Forms Document Manager. As part of this name change, Sonic Forms Document Manager will now have a release version of 3.x.
  • Bug Fix – The “Upload” button is now disabled when more than the maximum number of documents have already been uploaded on the page.
  • Use of va_ConfigParam Table – Document Manager now uses entries in a table called “va_ConfigParam” to store configuration options. This makes Document Manager more portable between instances (development, test and production) as well as between servers during migration or upgrade. Existing .config files are read and loaded into the form for backwards compatability. New versions are then saved in the va_ConfigParam table.

Fast Forms Document Manager 2.1.161130 - Released November 30, 2016

Unauthenticated User Document Access Corrected access control methods to permit documents to be accessed by unauthenticated users where permitted through the va_ff_ValidatedID procedure

Fast Forms Document Manager 2.1.160901 - Released September 1, 2016

Version Number Synchronization Sonic Forms Document Manager now uses the same version number as Sonic Forms to reflect the most recent release of that product.
Simplified Installation Sonic Forms Document Manager will now install a standardized version of the va_ff_ValidatedID stored procedure used by Sonic Forms including the utility function fn_VA_Validate_iMIS_Role which is used to determine if a user has a privileged role such as “Staff” or “SysAdmin”.
In addition, Sonic Forms Document Manager will automatically create the FFDOCUMENT Activity Type which is used by Sonic Forms Document manager if it does not exist in your iMIS database.
Note that Sonic Forms will only create these procedures or activity types if they do not exist in your database. It will not overwrite an existing version.