Configuration Panel

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The document display configuration panel is accessible via RiSE when logged in as a System Administrator. A compact iPart is displayed with a button "Update Settings". Click on this to open the Configuration Panel.

The Configuration Panel has a number of key settings as follows:
  • Add Document - Adds a new row for a specific document
  • Save - Save your settings changes
  • Close - Close the panel and return to RiSE
  • Show Border - Add a standard border around the iPart display to differentiate it from other content
  • Form - Select which Sonic Form to display documents from
  • Multiinstance Table - If chosen, Document Display will look for a SEQN value and only display documents from that specific record. If left blank, all documents of that type that are associated with the user will be shown.
  • ID Alias (Optional) - use this if the ID is not called "ID" in your URL
  • SEQN Alias (Optional) - use this if the SEQN is not called "SEQN" in your URL
  • DIV ID (Optional) - use this to wrap the document entries with a DIV tag. This tag can then be used to apply transformations to the data.
  • Date Formatting (Optional) - Display the document upload date in a variety of standard formats.
  • Download? - If selected the document can be downloaded, otherwise only the name will be shown.

Using the "DIV ID" Feature

The "DIV ID" feature allows you to reformat and relocate any document that is displayed through Sonic Forms Document Display. Here is a sample script which inserts an approrpriate heading before each group of documents in the display:

jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>File Assessment</h5></div>").insertBefore("#FILEASSESS");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Transcripts</h5>").insertBefore("#TRANSCRIPT");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Proof of Education</h5>").insertBefore("#TRANSCRIPT2");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Job Description</h5>").insertBefore("#JOBDESC");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Resume</h5>").insertBefore("#RESUME");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Reference(s)</h5>").insertBefore("#REFERENCES");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Competency Report(s)</h5>").insertBefore("#COMPETENCY");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Proof of English Proficiency (if applicable)</h5>").insertBefore("#ENGLISH");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Additional Documents (if applicable)</h5>").insertBefore("#ADDITIONAL");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Work Permit (if applicable)</h5>").insertBefore("#WORKPERMIT");
jQuery("<div class='row col-sm-12'><h5 style='text-align:left'>Supplementary Documents (if applicable)</h5>").insertBefore("#SUPPLEMENTARY");