Sonic Forms Documents in iMIS

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Once your documents have been uploaded, you can work with them in a number of different ways:
  1. Using Sonic Forms Document Manager - Create a new instance of FFDM with the download options included and display it in RiSE in an appropriate location. This will allow you to download and access documents in context.

  2. Using the Traditional iMIS Desktop - Using the traditional iMIS Desktop you can access uploaded documents using Activity records. Sonic Forms documents have an activity type of "FFDOCUMENT" and will display the Sonic Form ID associated with the document, the document name as well as other pertinent information. Pro Tip: While Sonic Forms Document Manager can upload many document types, only certain types can be opened directly from the iMIS desktop including PDF, DOC and XLS file types.

  3. Using Database Access Techniques - Your documents can be republished and/or exported in a variety of ways by moving the "blob" data from within your iMIS database to other target locations. Contact your iMIS solution provider for more details.