Sonic Forms for iMIS

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Visual Antidote's Sonic Forms for iMIS lets you quickly create and publish full-featured forms on your iMIS website for staff, member, and customer use. By generating iMIS iParts, Sonic Forms will inherit your unique website design along with your security model and parameters. You can place Sonic Forms anywhere you want and use Sonic Forms as often as you need in your website to achieve your goals.
Here is a list of tasks you can accomplish with Sonic Forms:
  • Create a new member or customer record through a sign-up process.
  • Let members view and update their information stored in any iMIS user defined table (single or multi-instance) or Activity record.
  • Let members or customers update and enter any iMIS address field from all address purposes (e.g. Home, Work, Other)
  • Add complex logic using button controls that can submit data and link to either:
    • Custom landing or completion pages, or;
    • Additional Sonic Forms pages in a sequence.
  • Add text, layouts, symbols, graphics and other elements to your form to customize its appearance and function using the full-featured HTML editor.
  • Add advanced scripting to make your forms interactive and dynamic