Customizing Company Lookups

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In Sonic Forms 3.x, you can now control which companies are displayed during the Create Account process.

How to Select Company Details

In certain cases, you may wish to invite a user to select their Company from an approved list of company names when creating their account. If the field

The options available to the user are controled via the view "va_Form_CompanyLookup". By default, the view looks for company records with a status of "Active". By updating the view settings you can reduce or expand the available values to suit your unique circumstances.

Important Considerations

  1. The company list is loaded as part of the form layout. If you have more than 500 companies to choose from this may cause performance issues. Please contact Visual Antidote or your Authorized iMIS Consultant for alternative approaches in this scenario.
  2. The company field must have the "Free Text Search" option configured.