User Impersonation

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User Impersonation is an advanced technique that can be used in cases where a logged-in user may need to inspect or update another user's record, for instance, where:
  • A staff member needs to view and update a member's record.
  • An adjudicator needs to review a submission made by someone else and mark it as "Approved" or "Rejected".
  • A staff member needs to review and process anonymous form submissions (e.g. event inquiries or survey results).
To invoke user impersonation:
  1. You must include the ID of the target user in the URL that is calling the Sonic Form. For example, if iMIS user 1234 wants to review the record of user 5678 then user 1234 must include "?ID=5678" in their URL. If this is not done then user 1234 will only see their own record.
  2. You must include specific conditions in the special Sonic Forms stored procedure va_ff_ValidatedID to verify if the logged in user is entitled to look at that specific record.
  3. If you are looking at a multi-instance record, then you must also include the applicable SEQN number.

Pro Tip: If you are using the iMIS “On Behalf Of” feature then your UserID will appear to Sonic Forms to be the correct user ID – no special coding is required in this case.