Quick Overview

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Sonic Forms for iMIS uses the Telerik editor which is included with iMIS for form layout and design. The Telerik editor is a highly functional HTML-based editor which is used in a variety of contexts within RiSE.

Editor Controls and Features

The Editor allows you to layout and design your form any way that you want and supports a wide variety of features including:
  • Styles – Standard styles such as Heading 1 and Body Text
  • Fonts – Specify fonts, sizes, decoration and more
  • Lists – Ordered (numbered) and unordered (bulleted) list options
  • Images – Add images to your forms from the RiSE image library or upload your own images.
  • Tables – Layout structured data using table formatting
and much more.

The Editor supports a “source” mode to see the underlying HTML that is being created, letting you “tweak” your form's design and layout to meet your unique requirements. The “Preview” function is a native part of the Editor but it does not fully preview your Sonic Form – use the Sonic Form Preview Panel to inspect your work.
Complete documentation on the Telerik editor is available from www.telerik.com.
An end user manual(pdf) is available here.