Tips and Tricks

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Here are some handy productivity tips:
  • Browsers matter – There are some known issues with iMIS 20.1 and IE11. Sometimes blank space appears at the bottom of the form when IE11 is used. To avoid that you can switch to another browser.
  • Selecting field Form Parts (for deletion or resizing):
    • In IE you can click on a field Form Part to select it.
    • In Firefox you have to double click to select a field Form Part 
    • In Chrome you can not select a field Form Part directly (use HTML mode)
  • Resizing Text Boxes – Once you select a field you can set it's width and height in pixels. Just type 150px in the Width box and then hit enter. The selected field will change and you'll see it in the Editor. Setting height for a field will make it a multi-line text area allowing users to type text having new lines in it.
To see if a field Form Part has been selected check the Value box at the lower part of the Editor which is populated with the name of the Form Part when it is selected.