Form Versions

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Every time that you save a Sonic Form, a copy is automatically archived so that you can refer to it later or revert to it. This is extremely helpful if you encounter an issue with a form and wish to return to an earlier working version or if you wish to keep multiple versions of the same form on hand. For example, you may have the “Early Bird” version of a form and the “Regular” version in your Sonic Forms library at the same time. When the Early Bird period expires you can simply revert to the “Regular” version and that version will become the current version of the form.

To revert to an earlier version, simply choose the appropriate version from the dropdown list and follow the confirmation steps.

Pro tip: Save your Sonic Form updates frequently to ensure that you don't lose your work when reverting to earlier versions.

Be sure to click on "Save" to make your reverted version the current and most recent version of your form on file.