Form Parts

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Form Parts are used to add dynamic content to your Sonic Form page.

There are seven major groups of Form Parts available within Sonic Forms:
  • iMIS Fields - Form parts which allow you to deploy your user-defined iMIS data from both single-instance and multi-instance tables.
  • Contact Fields- Form Parts which use data from the CsContact business objects within iMIS. These fields include both system values (e.g. "Full Name") and fields that can be updated by users.
  • Address Fields - Contains all address fields (including emails and phone numbers) that relate to address purposes defined in iMIS.
  • Activity Fields - Contains all standard iMIS activity types that are available for editing. All fields are available - even fields that are not specifically defined for an activity type.
  • Sign-up Fields  - Contains specific Form Parts that must be used when creating new iMIS accounts using Sonic Forms.
  • Buttons -  Allows you to add multiple buttons to your form and specify their characteristics.
  • Multi-Instance - Allows you to define and configure a Multi-instance Layout as a Form Part.
  • Miscellaneous - Contains other Form Parts that do not fit into the categories noted above (e.g. Captcha).