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Activity Fields is are associated with Activity records in iMIS and record many different types of interactions with members, customers and staff. Each activity record has two components:
  • Basic Activity Record - the underlying database structure which controls the size, type and attributes of the field.
  • Activity Definition - the user or system defined definition which defines an alias for each activity record field used by a specified Activity Type. For example, the TRANSACTION_DATE for a CALL activity would be the date and time of the call whereas the TRANSACTION_DATE for a CEU activity would be the date and time that a course was taken.
The following attributes are available on these Form Parts - depending on their underlying type and if they are system fields or not - see the cross-reference below:
  • Activity Type - The overall Activity Type from iMIS
  • Field Name - The Alias and (Field Name) for each standard activity field. Where fields are not defined in the Activity record with an Alias they can still be used as part of a Sonic Form.
  • Load Options:
    • Last - Loads the values found in the most recent Activity record as defined by the SEQN number. Loads a blank record if there is no history.
    • Blank - Loads an empty record.
    • Where - Defines the criteria to select a record (e.g. YEAR="2018")
  • Save Options:
    • Last - Saves the values into the most recent Activity record as defined by the SEQN number. Saves a new record if there is no history.
    • New - Saves a new record with a new SEQN number.
    • Where - Defines the criteria to select a record (e.g. YEAR="2018")
  • Features:
    • With Calendar - Enable the pop-up calendar display for date fields.
    • Read Only - Set field as read-only.
    • Auto Update
    • Allow Other - For dropdown lists, add an "Other" option with additional field for user-defined entries.
    • Add as Text Field - This option allows you to always add the field as user-entered text. This allows a staff user to inspect the response and properly classify it after submission.
    • Save Description - Drop-down lists in iMIS have a Code or Expansion value associated with them that is stored in the database. Using the "Save Description" option overrides this behaviour and stores the description field value instead.
  • Sort By
    • Code asc - Code ascending order
    • Code desc - Code descending order
    • Description asc - Description ascending order (default)
    • Description desc - Description descending order
  • Validation Options
    • Required Field - Sets the field to Required and displays the required message if it is not completed.
    • Message - The optional message field can be used to display a more appropriate message than "Required Field". For example, "Please choose the option that best meets your needs."
    • Minimum - For date or numeric fields set the minimum acceptable value.
    • Maximum - For date or numeric fields, set the maximum acceptable value.
    • Validation Table - For dropdown text fields, override the standard validation table with a custom validation list for this form.
  • Textbox Options
    • Regular Expression - Control the acceptable values for the field. 
    • Message - Display an error message associated with the regular expression (e.g. "Please use format (555) 555-1212 for phone numbers")
    • Format - ????
    • Display Counter - Option for text fields to show the remaining character counter. 

Activity Form Parts Reference

Activity Field Type Type Size Min? Max? Lookup?
ID  varchar(10) Char 10      
SEQN  int Int        
TRANSACTION_DATE  datetime Date   Yes Yes  
EFFECTIVE_DATE  datetime Date   Yes Yes  
PRODUCT_CODE  varchar(31) Char 31     Available
OTHER_CODE  varchar(30) Char 30     Available
DESCRIPTION  varchar(255) Char 255      
SOURCE_CODE  varchar(40) Char 40     Available
QUANTITY  numeric(15,2) Numeric 15,2 Yes Yes  
AMOUNT  money Money        
CATEGORY  varchar(15) Char 15      
UNITS  numeric Int   Yes Yes  
THRU_DATE  datetime Date   Yes Yes  
ACTION_CODES  varchar(255) Char 255     Available
TICKLER_DATE  datetime Date   Yes Yes  
NOTE  text Text        
NOTE_2  text Text        
CO_ID  varchar(10) Char 10      
UF_1  varchar(255) Char 255     Available
UF_2  varchar(255) Char 255     Available
UF_3  varchar(255) Char 255     Available
UF_4  numeric(15,4) Numeric 15,4 Yes Yes  
UF_5  numeric(15,4) Numeric 15,4 Yes Yes  
UF_6  datetime Date   Yes Yes  
UF_7  datetime Date   Yes Yes  

  1. There are additional fields available on the activity record, however, they are normally reserved by iMIS and are not exposed by Sonic Forms.
  2. Lookup values for Activity fields are defined with the format ACTIVITY_TYPE/FIELD where ACTIVITY_TYPE is the Activity Type code and the Field is the underlying field name used. For example, CALL/UF_1.