Address Fields

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iMIS maintains three key address sets which are named and configured through the iMIS basic configuration. These addresses default to “Work”, “Home” and “Other” but can be renamed to suit your association's needs.

The Address Field Form Parts include an address purpose selector which allows you to display or update any one of the three main addresses associated with the user's account. Each address field then can be deployed up to three times (one for each purpose) on a single form.

A typical use case would be to define:
  • Work Address Block (most fields mandatory))
  • Home Address Block (all fields optional)
as part of a sign-up or update Sonic Form focusing on the member's address information.

Address Field Form Part Reference

  Field Form Part Type System? Size
  Address1 Text   40
  Address2 Text   40
  Address3 Text   40
  City Text   40
  Country Dropdown (Text)   25
  County Dropdown (Text)   20
  Email Text   100
  Fax Text   25
  Note Text   8000
  Phone Text   25
  PostalCode Text   10
  PreferredBill Checkbox    
  PreferredMail Checkbox    
  PreferredShip Checkbox    
  StateProvince Dropdown (Text)   15

Allow Other: This option inserts an option into the dropdown called "Other". If it is selected, it will add a new field for the user that the user can fill with information.
Add as text field: The drop down will become a text field.
Free text search: The drop down will become a field and you can type and will load the values as well a dropdown.

Sort by
Code asc: Order the drop down by Code ascent.
Code desc: Order the drop down by Code descent.
Description asc:  Order the drop down by Description ascent.
Description desc:  Order the drop down by Description descent.
Ready Only: To make the value a read-only field.
Required FieldWhen this field is checked, the field must be filled.
Regular Expression: This field is responsible to add regular expression in your field such as validation. Read more about Regular Expression here.
Message: Personal message which the user sees if their regular expression is false.
Use for duplicate check: This field is used for sign-up. It enables the system to check whether this field should be validated.