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Contact Fields is the term used for the key demographic data stored in iMIS. These fields are available in every iMIS installation and are generally used for storing personal and company information for your primary contacts.

Contact fields have special characteristics in that many of them are system fields which cannot or should not be updated through Sonic Forms. In these cases Sonic Forms will make the fields available as Read Only fields and you will not be able to change this option. Common examples are:
  • FULL NAME - Calculated "full name" of the member.
  • PAID_THRU - Paid Thru date for membership - controlled by billing.
  • LAST UPDATED - Last updated date recorded by iMIS.

The following attributes are available on these Form Parts - depending on their underlying type and if they are system fields or not - see the cross-reference below:
  • Read Only - Set the Form Part to read only.
  • Required Field - Require valid entry in the field.
  • With Calendar - Enable the pop-up calendar display for date fields.
  • Regular Expression - Control the acceptable values for the field. For Dropdown fields this can be used to limit the dropdown list to a subset.
  • Message - The optional message field can be used to display a more appropriate message than "Required". For example, "Please choose the option that best meets your needs."
  • Show Counter - Option for text fields to show the remaining character counter.
  • Features - The following features are designed to work with dropdown lists:
    • Allow Other - Checking this option will include an additional value of “Other" which is displayed below the standard dropdown list values if it is selected in the dropdown list. If this option is selected by the user, a text box will be displayed to allow the user to type in their own value. This value will be stored in iMIS and will bypass validation checks.
    • Add as Text Field - This option allows you to always add the field as user-entered text. This allows a staff user to inspect the response and properly classify it after submission.
    • Save Description - Drop-down lists in iMIS have a Code or Expansion value associated with them that is stored in the database. Using the "Save Description" option overrides this behaviour and stores the description field value instead.
    • Free Text Search - For long drop-down lists this handy feature allows a user to start typing in a value and have matching options appear.
    • Sort by - The Sort By option controls how the dropdown list values are sorted. The default is to sort by the description field in ascending order. You can also sort by the Code value (e.g. to show a specific life cycle sequence) and use descending sorts as appropriate.

Contact Form Parts Reference

  Field Form Part Type System? Size
  Birth Date Date    
  BT_ID Text   10
  Category Text   5
  Chapter Text   15
  CO_ID Text   10
  Company Text   80
  ConfirmEmail Text   100
  ContactID Text Yes  
  ContactRank Numeric (Integer)    
  Designation Text   20
  Email Text   100
  ExcludeDirectory Checkbox    
  ExcludeMail Checkbox    
  Fax Text   25
  First Name Text   20
  Full Name Text Yes 70
  Functional Title Text   50
  Gender Dropdown   1
  Home Phone Text   25
  ID Text   10
  Informal Text   20
  IsInstitute Checkbox Yes  
  Join Date Date    
  Last Name Text   30
  Last Update Date Yes  
  Major Key Text   15
  Member Status Text Yes 5
  Member Status Date Date Yes  
  Member Type Dropdown   5
  Middle Name Text   20
  Paid Thru Date Yes  
  Prefix Text   25
  SIC Code Text   10
  Source Code Text Yes  
  Status Text   5
  Suffix Text   10
  Title Text   80
  Toll Free Text   25
  Updated By Text Yes 60
  Website Text   255
  Work Phone Text   25