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The Sonic Forms sign-up process allows you to capture all the relevant details about a prospective customer or member and create their iMIS account. An iMIS account requires at least the following information:
  • iMIS Username
  • Password
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email
A Sonic Form which includes these Form Parts will function as a sign-up form and create a new iMIS record upon successful submission.
When assigning an iMIS username you have two basic options:
  1. Allow the user to set their username themselves.
  2. Have Sonic Forms automatically assign their username to be their new iMIS ID.
Pro Tip: Users who are already logged into iMIS will create an error when they attempt to submit a sign-up form. Always ensure that the “Display for Unauthenticated Users Only” option is enabled on sign-up forms before deployment.

Duplicate Checking

There are three options for Duplicate Checking Sonic Forms that are working as sign-up forms:
  1. Disabled – No duplicate checks will be performed, however, a user will not be able to create a duplicate username and will receive an error if they do so.
  2. Simple Duplicate Check – This standard duplicate check validates the Email address provided to ensure that it is not duplicated in iMIS and provides an error message if it does.
  3. Advanced Duplicate Checking – This advanced check can be configured to test for multiple fields and fail if any of them are found in the database. See Advanced Topics for more information.
Note that Duplicate checking options are configured on the Sonic Forms Configuration Panel and are specific to each web part where the form is deployed.