Numeric Fields

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Numeric fields in iMIS are defined as decimals or integers depending on your requirements. Numeric fields can be defined as Read-Only and have their attributes such as number of decimal places set. You can also use Regular Expressions to control input by forcing a specific format or value (minimum, maxmum).

Sonic Forms will detect if your numeric field is an integer or decimal and enforce correct entry.

The following attributes are available on these Form Parts:
  • Read Only - Set the Form Part to read only.
  • Required Field - Require valid entry in the field.
  • Regular Expression - Control the acceptable values for the field. For numeric fields this can be used to control the attributes of:
    • Minimum value
    • Maximum value
    • Number of decimal places
    • Type of rounding (e.g. .00, .25, .50, .75)
  • Message - The optional message field can be used to display a more appropriate message than "Invalid amount". For example, "Age must be between 9 and 65."