Text Fields

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Text fields can be thought of as having two specific cases – text fields and text boxes. Text fields are generally less than 50-75 characters in length and are used for specific information. Examples are Place of Birth, Spouse's Name, Other Professional Association, etc. Regular expressions can be used to control for minimum length of answers along with the Required option. 

Larger text boxes are usually used for longer responses to open-ended questions such as “Describe your reasons for joining”.  You can include a countdown feature to show the form user how many characters they have left for their response (optional). You can also resize text boxes (see Advanced Topics).

The following attributes are available on these Form Parts:
  • Read Only - Set the Form Part to read only.
  • Required Field - Require valid entry in the field.
  • Regular Expression - Control the acceptable values for the field. For text fields this can be used to enforce a naming or numbering convention, or:
    • Required prefix
    • Minimum length
    • Disallow or require certain characters (e.g. URL must contain "http://")
  • Message - The optional message field can be used to display a more appropriate message than "Required". For example, "Please use the format xxx-yyyyyy for your licence number."
  • Display Counter - For larger text fields you can optionally display a counter that will show "xx characters left" to guide users to limit their responses appropriately to fit the available space in the database.