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Visual Antidote offers installation assistance. Our staff can set up and configure Sonic Forms for you if you need help with the installation process. Contact us at to arrange an installation appointment.

Installation Requirements

Installing Sonic Forms requires:

  • Access to your iMIS application and any optional web server(s)
  • A system administration account on iMIS (normally MANAGER)\

Sonic Forms Media

The installation media for Sonic Forms includes:
  • A folder with the following installation files:
    • /net/va_iParts/Images
      • Various icon and image files
    • /net/va_iParts/InstallScripts
      • SQL scripts used for configuring your iMIS environment
    • /net/VA_iParts/FastForms (note that for backwards compatibility some Sonic Forms components have "FastForms" in their names)
      • SonicForms_Configurator.ascx
      • SonicForms_Configurator.ascx.cs
      • VA_FastForms.ascx
      • VA_FastForms.ascx.cs
      • VA_FastFormsPage.ascx
      • VA_FastFormsPage.ascx.cs
      • VA_InnerPage.ascx
      • VA_InnerPage.ascx.cs
      • VA_Redirector.ascx
      • VA_Redirector.ascx.cs
  • Content Record for the Sonic Forms Form Manager
  • Content Type records for
    • Sonic Forms Page
    • VA Redirector
    • Sonic Forms Document Manager (Optional Product)
    • Sonic Forms Document Display (Optional Product)

Installation and Upgrade Steps

Here are the key steps to install or upgrade Sonic Forms:
  • (Install and Upgrade) Merge the Sonic Forms components into your target iMIS environment
  • (Install only) Import the Sonic Forms Form Manager page and Site Map record into your RiSE system and publish them
  • (Install only) Import the Sonic Forms content types into your RiSE environment (no publishing required)
  • (Install and Upgrade) Accept the User License Agreement in order to activate Sonic Forms.

Merge Sonic Forms components into your iMIS environment

  1. Login to your iMIS application or webserver environment and ensure that the SonicForms media is accessible from this server (download or copy as appropriate).
  2. Copy the SonicForms "net" folder from your installation media into your iMIS installation directory (usually /Program Files/ASI/<YourAssociation>/) where "<YourAssociation>" is your organization's abbreviation. You will be prompted to merge the Sonic Forms /net folder with the main iMIS /net folder. This will ensure that all Sonic Forms components are deployed to the correct location.

When you merge the /net folder provided in the installation media with your iMIS installation this will make Sonic Forms available for use. If you are upgrading Sonic Forms, please overwrite all files.

3. Confirm that the files have been copied.

Import the Sonic Forms Form Manager (New Installations)

  1. Login to the iMIS staff site using a System Administrator account (e.g. MANAGER).
  2. From the administration menu go to RiSE --> Page Builder --> Manage Content
  3. Select "Import" to import the Sonic Forms Form Manager content and site map records. 
  4. Select "Upload" to add this record to your RiSE system. Two records are included - a site map record and the associated content record.
  5. Once the records are imported, you will need to publish them.
    • Under Page Builder, go to the folder @/Shared_Content/Staff and select the "Sonic Forms Form Manager" entry and publish it
    • Under Site Builder, go to the Staff site and find the Sonic Forms entry under Page Builder (/RiSE/Page_builder/SonicForms) and publish this entry in the same way.
  6. The final step is to activate Sonic Forms. Go to the new Sonic Forms entry and select the Sonic Forms menu item. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the License agreement. Select this option and your installation is complete.
Note, if you have installed earlier versions of Fast Forms, you may see duplicate entries in your site map and content records. Please delete these items using RiSE to tidy up your installation.

Import Content Types (New Installations)

Similarly, you will need to create two content types for deployment of Sonic Forms onto RiSE pages or to use the VA Redirector. To import these content types complete the following steps:
  1. Login to the Staff Site (or Admin site in iMIS15) if you are not already logged in.
  2. Navigate to RiSE --> Maintenance --> Content Types
  3. Select "Import" to import the Sonic Forms Page content records 
  4. When complete, you should see two content types in the "Custom" folder defined as shown below:
  5. If you have installed Fast Forms previously, you may wish to remove any Fast Forms related content types.

Installation Troubleshooting

web.config Updates

In recent editions of iMIS (2016 and later) you may encounter the error message: [30]Error Saving data on iMIS : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

this requires an update to your web.config file to define the value "ImisWebServerUrl". Please see this link.

Folder Permissions

In version 2.x, Sonic Forms writes page-specific configuration information to specific page .config files on the server. If you encounter the error message: Error loading page: Access to the path <Path> is denied

then this means that you must update the server security settings to permit Sonic Forms to make changes to this folder. For more information please see this link.