Add a Sonic Form to RiSE

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Step 1

On the iMIS menu select Rise -> Page Builder -> Manage content.


Step 2

Choose or (optional) create a website content folder for your forms.
2.1 - Click(1) on the root(@) and then on the editor bar click(2) New -> Website Content.


2.2 – If you are creating a new folder, choose a suitable name for your form group - in this case forms about volunteers.


Step 3 

Create content.
3.1 – Click(1) on the folder that you have chosen or created and then click(2) New -> Website Content.


3.2 – Fill(1) a field “Title” with a name for your new page. Then click(2) on the link “Add Content”.

3.3 – By default, the content type "Sonic Forms Page" is installed in your Custom folder under ContentTypes. Select the Sonic Forms Page item and then click OK to add it to your RiSE page.

3.4 – Fill the field “Name” with a suitable description of your form (e.g. Volunteer Form A):

Step 4

After you clicked “OK” you will now see Sonic Form Page added to your RiSE page. Click on the button “Save & Publish”.

Pro Tip: You can add additional RiSE content elements to display HTML text, IQA displays and much more to your page provided that it does not include a "Save" or "Submit" button that will conflict with your Sonic Form.