Create a Sonic Form

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Let's start by creating a simple Sonic Form.

Step 1

Login to your iMIS RiSE Staff (or Admin) website. On the menu select RiSE -> Page Builder -> Sonic Forms (or your custom installation location if chosen during installation).


Step 2

On the Form Selector select the option New Form.

Step 3

Create a new Sonic Form
  1. Give your form a name and click "Save".
  2. Build a page using the Editor.
    1. Add text and instructions to guide your user.
    2. Add Form Parts to your page to make it interactive.
    3. Preview your page.
    4. Repeat as necessary.
  3. Add appropriate action buttons to your page to submit your data.
  4. Save your new Sonic Form.
Your form is now created and ready to deploy in RiSE.