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Sonic Forms 2.1.161014 - Released October 17, 2016

This release is a minor update to address compatability issues with iMIS version and beyond and is required if you have installed this version of iMIS. Both Sonic Forms and the VA Redirector should be installed if you are updating to this release.
Backspace Error Handling The pop-up message for preventing the use of the browser backspace button has been removed for improved compatability with available browsers.
Improved error logging Log entries now record the time as well as the date to assist with troubleshooting database performance and related issues.
Parameter Handling To simplify the development of IQAs that work with the VA Redirector, the utility will now pass a "0" value if a SEQN or ID is not provided in the URL.

Sonic Forms 2.1.160901 - Released September 1, 2016

The following highlights are included in this release along with bug fixes and minor enhancements. Note that this release addresses a minor security vulnerability and is recommended for all clients.
Assign Email as Username On Create Account forms an option has been added to allow the iMIS Username to be automatically set to the user’s email address. The option to automatically assign the user’s iMIS ID as their username is not affected.
Enhanced Support Features Sonic Forms now automatically embeds version information in published forms making it easy to verify which version you are using. In addition, the form engine will report which field was being processed when an unrecoverable iMIS error is encountered making it easier to trace and debug issues at the field level. The message is shown as “Error on field: <Field_Name>”.
Simplified Installation Sonic Forms will now install standardized versions of key stored procedures used by the software including:
  • va_ff_ValidatedID – this procedure allows you to offer and manage 3rd party access to form information. Parameters are @User_ID, @Target_ID and @Form_Name.
  • VA_CheckForDuplicateAccount – the default procedure checks for an exact match on First Name, Last Name and Email. You can update and extend this procedure to use additional fields and/or less precise logic as appropriate.
A utility function called “fn_VA_Validate_iMIS_Role” is also provided that can be used in stored procedures to validate (for example) if someone has privileged role such as “Staff” or “SysAdmin”. Note that Sonic Forms will automatically create these procedures if they do not exist in your database but will not overwrite an existing version.
Create Contact Feature for Company Administrators and Others A new option is available for Create Account situations that allows a form user to create a new record for someone else in their company. The iMIS CO_ID is automatically assigned and a stored procedure can be used to selectively copy data from the Company record to the newly created Contact as appropriate.
In addition, the va_ff_ValidatedIDstored procedure can be used to offer authorized users the ability to edit data for contacts who work in their organization. This feature is available for all supported versions of iMIS.
Updated Error Message Display Sonic Forms error messages are now displayed using the standard iMIS CSS settings for error and success messages. Instead of red text on a white background errors are now shown inside of a red bar. Success messages are displayed inside of a green bar.
Options Changed for Multi-instance Fields Multi-instance field selection options have been streamlined to the following:
  • Load: “Last”, “Blank” and “Where”
  • Save: “Last”, “New” and “Where”
Loading a “Blank” and loading a “New” record are functionally equivalent. The option to load the “First” record has also been removed as it was ambiguous, however, any existing forms using this feature will continue to work. Visual Antidote recommends the use of the “Where” option to select the “first” record when loading a form.
iMIS ID Now Available to Button Form Parts for New Contacts When creating new contact you may want to update fields on the new contact record as part of a multi-page Sonic Form flow. With this version the parameter of “?ID=@ff@ID” will pass the ID to a new page immediately upon creation of a new Contact in iMIS.
Dropdown Panel Display Update The “blue bar” for Sonic Forms configuration is now featuring an arrow icon to make its use more obvious as well as a Trial expiry notification for customers who are using a Sonic Forms trial version.
New Option to Submit without Stored Procedure Form designers now have a new option on Sonic Forms buttons to submit a form without triggering the stored procedure. A use case example would be a “Save and Continue” button versus a “Submit and Lock”. The Save and Continue button would not run a stored procedure while the Submit and Lock button would complete the processing for a form. This new feature can be used in combination with the “Ignore Validation” option to allow for the ability to perform interim updates on long forms whenever appropriate.
Additional Contact Fields A number of additional contact fields have been added to the Contact Fields Form Part. Where fields are managed directly by iMIS (e.g. User ID) the fields are set as read only for display purposes.
Email Notification on Form Submittal A new feature is available on forms to send an email to a designated contact each time a form is submitted has been added to the system. Use cases include notifying a responsible person to investigate or follow-up on a new contact or information request. The feature is per-instance so each page can be configured separately.
Usability and Appearance Improvements Users will notice a number of usability and appearance improvements to render the Sonic Forms Administration panel and application interface in popular browser environments.