Sonic Forms 3.0.1803A

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  • Change Log updates can now be controlled on a per-page basis. This means that you can suppress change logging for forms where you do not want to have numerous entries added to your Change Log. The default setting is “on” (i.e. log all changes).
  • Improved handling of date and time fields
    • New calendar control widget has been introduced using the iMIS standard calendar control for improved consistency between Sonic Forms and iMIS Panel Editor displays
    • New Time fields support with setting for 12/24 hour format
    • New DateTime fields with support for 12/24 hour format as well as two date formats (dd/MM/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy)
  • Added support for an additional variation on the “ID” field used when calling stored procedures from Sonic Forms. “@IDnum” is now supported in addition to @idnum, @userid, @user_id, @imis_id, @imisid and @id. All of these items are case insensitive.
  • Added a Cancel button for Multi-instance layout entry forms to make it clearer to the end-user when updating records.
  • Added built-in validation checks for integer, numeric and money fields. Sonic Forms now polls iMIS to retrieve length and decimal positions and will provide an error message if an entry does not respect iMIS parameters. Users may need to update their iMIS settings if their forms did not respect these limits prior to this release.

Bug Fixes – Sonic Forms

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate error checking.
  • Fixed issue with free text search fields (Combo box)
  • Fixed issue with large text box fields introducing <br/> tabs when using read-only mode