Sonic Forms 3.0.1807A

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  • Address Management improvements
    • Preferred fields for Primary Addresses (i.e. Mailing, Billing and Shipping) are now rendered as radio buttons instead of checkboxes.
    • If a preferred address is set (e.g. Home) where an address does not exist then that address will be created in iMIS.
  • Activity record support
    • Activity record Form Parts are now fully supported in this release.
  • Button Form Part Improvements
    • Mouseover Text - Buttons can now have optional mouseover text added to them to help document the exact behaviour that users can expect when selecting an option on your form.
    • CSS Class - Buttons can now have a specific CSS Class added to them to change the button format. This allows you to style your buttons individually. For example, a “Delete this Record” button could be displayed in Red instead of using a standard button style. In addition, buttons can be restyled as hyperlinks if appropriate using simple CSS changes.
    • Improved Interface - As part of the functional changes noted above the button Form Part selections have been reorganized and regrouped for clarity and ease of use.
  • Compatibility with iMIS Service Pack “K” and Higher
    • New Javascript features introduced with iMIS and higher caused a checkbox that was selected and marked as required to not be recognized. This has been addressed.

Sonic Forms Document Display

  • Image Option
    • A new image option has been added to Sonic Forms Document Display. This option allows you to display a icon or other graphic beside the document hyperlink. Images must be uploaded to your standard iMIS image folder using the RiSe Image Manager.

Bug Fixes

Sonic Forms

  • SEQN option added to “Where” clause for Activity Records
    • Activity records can now be addressed by SEQN using the “Where” options. This means that these fields can load/save inputs based on the SEQN of the activity record as well as other available fields on the activity record. Note that the SEQN number needs to be exposed through a custom business object in iMIS as it is not available via the standard Activity business object.
  • Sign-up Fields - Confirm Email
    • Fixed issue with Confirm Email field stopping page from loading any fields below the Confirm Email field on a form.
    • Enhanced error message when the Confirm Email field is used without the primary email field on a form.
  • Improved Procedure Error Handling
    • In certain cases, unusual errors returned by a form’s stored procedures would sometime be interpreted as a “success” scenario and the form would complete processing without notifying the user of the problem.
  • Read-only field management
    • Fixed issue with read-only fields either:
      • writing no data to iMIS or
      • storing a description instead of code or vice-versa.
  • Additional Issues Resolved
    • Fixed issue with transient SQL error appearing during update/install process.
    • Fixed issues with Currency field not saving inputs and not accepting values in $0.00 format.
    • Fixed conflict when an integer field on a Multi-Instance table was set to “Load Last”  and “Save New” when a field was Read Only where the system would store the value as 0.

Sonic Forms Document Manager

  • Language Setting Change Error
    • Fixed error when setting language from English to French/Spanish
  • Display Refresh Issue
    • Improved responsiveness of display when changing options between Download Only, Upload Only and Manage Documents modes