Create Account Features

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Sonic Forms allows you to create forms that will be used for adding new users to iMIS. These forms are also often called sign-up forms.

In order for a Create Account form to function properly, you must including the following fields in your form layout.
  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Email,
  • Username and
  • Password.
Pro Tip: While all of these fields are required, you can use Javascript to hide or populate unnecessary fields to improve your user experience.

After you have built you Create Account page, you can also configure additional options in the "Create Account" section located in the Forms Admin Panel.


  • Member Type - This dropdown list allows you to set the member type for users created with this form.
  • Billing Category - This dropdown allows you to choose an appropriate billing category for the member.
  • Create Contact Form - If checked, this option will create a new account without signing in the user. It is used by Company or Chapter administrators who wish to create several accounts on behalf of other individuals.
  • Auto Assign Company - Used in conjunction with the Create Contact Form, this allows you to automatically assign a new account to the same Company ID as the logged-in user.



The example below shows a Create Account form to capture a new volunteer account. The Member Type will be set to "Volunteer" and the Billing Category would be "Not Reviewed".
The page will look like this:

Complete the form:

Click the "Save" button. The success message will appear.

The iMIS database will now have a record for your new volunteer.