Validation Selection

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The “Validation Selection” options allow you to format the error messages generated by your form and lets you change the title of the page and the date format.

Validation Selection Fields

Page Title: This field will change the title of your page that shows in the web browser.
Message on success: Success message that the user will see after clicking the "Save" button and remaining on the same page.
Message on failure: Error message that the user will see after clicking the "Save" button and the information could not be read.
Validation Summary: Select where the message will be displayed - top or bottom of field.
US date format: If checked, date will appear as mm/dd /yyyy . Otherwise the format is dd/mm/yyyy.
12-hour clock: If checked, time will appear in 12-hour clock (AM/PM). Otherwise the format is 24-hour clock.
Additional Error Message(Top):  if it checked, the message will show on the top of the page.

Message on Success and Additional Error Message(Top)

Page Title