Access to the path <Path> is denied

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When configuring and setting up Sonic Forms for the first time or after upgrading your server, you may encounter the error noted below:

This error occurs when Sonic Forms is trying to save its configuration information onto your server. The error happens because the Application Pool user that Sonic Forms uses to work with your server doesn’t have have the ability to write its ".config" into your server folder.

To correct this error, you will need to have administrative access to your server. Please provide a link to this page to your server administrator if you are not familiar with server management.

Step 1: Identify the user which requires the permissions.

You can check the user following these steps below:
  • Open your IIS ( run -> inetmgr).
  • Click on your website, in the case below this is "iMIS15".
  • Click on Basic Settings, located at your left side.
  • It will open a popup, there is a section called Application Pool.
  • Now you know the name of the application pool that your iMIS uses. (Often the user has the same name as the Application Pool.)


Step 2 - Grant Read/Write Permissions (Full Control) to the Application Pool User.

  • Login to your iMIS Server as a user with administrative privledges
  • Open the iMIS folder (in the example shown below this is C:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\iMIS).
  • Right click on the iMIS Folder then click on the Properties.
  • Select the Security tab
  • Look for a user with the same name as the Application Pool user noted in Step 1. In this case the Application Pool name was "iMISapp".
  • If the Application Pool user is already there, click on the Edit button and give to iMISapp Full Control.
  • If the Application Pool user is not available in the list of users, then you must add this user first and then grant that user Full Control.


Step 3 - Confirm Resolution

After you have updated the permissions on the folder, then Sonic Forms should be able to save its configuration files. Return to your page and attempt to save your Sonic Forms configuration again. If the problem persists or if the error message changes, please contact Visual Antidote.