Error on Field: <Field_Name>

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When Sonic Forms attempts to render your form in RiSE it processes your form parts in sequential order from top to bottom. If the form engine encounters a problem, it will produce a message that shows on which field Form Part it was processing when the error was encountered. This indicates that either:
  • the field noted is causing the issue, or
  • a dependent or nearby field is causing the issue
Depending on your form layout and design, you can troubleshoot this kind of error by sequentially removing fields Form Parts from your form until the form renders correctly again or restoring your form to a previously working version. Once you have the form working, you can then add back field Form Parts to isolate the problem.
In general, this kind of error can be caused by:
  • HTML edits that have introduced coding errors into your form
  • Inconsistency between your Form Parts and your iMIS database (e.g. field name changed, dropdown list deleted, table not yet defined in a production environment, etc.)