Uninstall Sonic Forms

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In order to uninstall Sonic Forms you should follow these steps:
  1. Deleting the Sitemap entry for Sonic Forms Form Manager
  2. Deleting the Sonic Forms Content Types.
  3. Deleting Content Pages or removing Sonic Forms from those pages
  4. Deleting Sonic Forms Files in the va_iParts directory
  5. Dropping associated Tables and Stored Procedure.

1 - Deleting Sitemaps

1 - Go to Rise >> Site Builder >> Manage sitemaps.
2 - Choose the Staff option on the dropdown.
3 - Go to RiSE >> Page Builder >> Sonic Forms.
4 - Go to Organize >> Delete.


2 - Deleting Content Types

1 - Go to RiSE >> Maintenance >> Content Types.
2 - Select the Custom Folder >>
Sonic Forms Page
3 - Go to Organize >> Delete.


3 - Deleting Content Page(s)

Note that as soon as the Sonic Forms software is removed from your server any pages previously published and working will cease to function. Please ensure you have done a complete inventory of such pages before proceeding to the next step.
1 - Go to RiSE >> Page Builder >> Manage Content.
2 - Select the
SonicForms folder / content pages.
3 - Go to Organize >> Delete.


4 - Deleting Sonic Forms Files

The following step requires access to your iMIS application or webserver environment.
1 - Go to iMIS Folder. E.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\iMIS\Net.
2 - Go to va_iParts.
3 - Select SonicForms folder and delete it.
4 - There are a number of image files installed in the App_Themes folder that you may also wish to remove which are documented in the Installation section.

E - Dropping Database Components

1 - Execute those statements below in your Database.

DROP TABLE [dbo].[va_Sonicforms_V1];
DROP TABLE [dbo].[VA_SonicForms_MultiLayouts];
DROP TABLE [dbo].[VA_SonicForms_MultiOptions];
DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[va_ff_ValidatedID];
DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[VA_CheckForDuplicateAccount];
DROP FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_VA_Validate_IMIS_Role];