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The VA Redirector is installed on your iMIS web server and the executable files need to be available on all web servers that you have configured (if you are running a multi-server installation). Visual Antidote offers installation assistance if you are uncomfortable with these steps. Please contact us at to schedule an appointment.

If you wish to install the VA Redirector independently here are the key steps:

1 - Install the Executable Files

VA Redirector is an .ascx based iPart. Two files are included in the installation folder.
  • VA_Redirector.ascx
  • VA_Redirector.ascx.cs
Unzip this folder and copy this folder to the appropriate location on your server, normally this folder will be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\<Install_Directory>\Net\va_iParts\SonicForms.
where "<Install_Directory>" is the name of your test or production installation. For example, the ACME Association may have "ACME" and "ACME_TEST" as two iMIS installation directories.

To install the VA Redirector simply paste the VA Redirector files into the Sonic Forms directory.

2 - Create a Content Type

Creating a custom Content Type makes deploying the VA Redirector within RiSE easy and is a recommended best practice.

Here are the steps:
2.1 - Go to RiSE >> Maintenance >> Content Types
2.2 - Select the Custom Folder
2.3 - On the menu at the top, go to New >> Content Type

2.4 - Select the ASCX-Based (iMIS Q4 2015 and later)
2.5 - Complete the form as follows:
  • Name of the Content Type: VA Redirector
  • Description of the Content Type: IQA based redirector for form and page access control.
Advanced Properties
  • URL To the control or page that is used to display items of this type at runtime: /va_iParts/FastForms/Redirector/VA_Redirector.ascx
  • URL to the control or page that is used to collect the properties of a new item of this type: /va_iParts/FastForms/Redirector/VA_Redirector.ascx (Note this only applies to iMIS Q4 2015 and above)
When you are complete, your form should match the image below: