Release Notes

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VA Redirector 3.0.1712A - Released December 18, 2017N

  • Integrated Help - This release introduces integrated help to provide more information on how to use the VA Redirector with Sonic Forms.

VA Redirector 2.1.161017 - Released October 17, 2016

This release is a minor update to adress compatability issues with iMIS version and beyond and is required if you have installed this version of iMIS. Both Sonic Forms and the VA Redirector should be installed if you are updating to this release.

VA Redirector 1.1.060818 - Released August 18, 2016

Now Included Free with your Sonic Forms License Effective with this release the VA Redirector is now installed at no additional charge as part of your Sonic Forms installation. VA Redirector adds an important element of programmability to your iMIS website which is useful both with Sonic Forms pages as well as other RiSE pages.
IQA Validation on Save A new validation routine has been added to the "Save" function to assess if a specified IQA exists. If the IQA is not found then an error message is thrown.