Tips and Techniques

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Here are some best practices and recommendations when using the VA Redirector.

Create a Special IQA Folder

Your VA Redirector IQAs are single purpose IQAs that are not suitable for use in other parts of your website. VA recommends that you create a special folder with a suitable name such as "Redirection IQAs" to group your IQAs together. This also makes copying and reusing your IQAs more convenient.

Test without the ContactKey First

If you are creating and using complex IQAs, a useful technique is to "hard code" a specific ID to see if the rest of the IQA works before adding the ContactKey or UserKey to the IQA.

Parameters are Preserved

Parameters that are passed through the VA Redirector are:
  • Available on the target page as usual
  • Are also passed through to the Redirection target page
For example, if a page is reached with parameters of ?ID=4596&YEAR=2017 then those parameters will be passed onto the target page so they can be used by an IQA or other page as needed.
Default Value of "0"
Beginning with version 2.2.161014, the VA Redirector will pass a parameter value of "0" if the ID or SEQN variables are used. Since "0" is neither a valid SEQN or ID in iMIS a test to check for a specific record will always fail if it requires a specified value and they are not provided in the URL.