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Create Salesforce web forms in seconds

Building a form is never a simple task, especially when it involves managing complex integrations to plug in your Salesforce data. Fast Forms does away with complexity and allows technical and non-technical users alike to create simple, elegant, and effective forms for your website in a matter of seconds.

Ideal Uses

  • Address Update

  • Case Management

  • Donations

  • Post-sale Feedback Surveys

  • Event Registration

  • Branded Stay in Touch

  • Waiver/Disclaimer Signature Forms

  • Web-to-lead


  • Job Application Forms

  • E-commerce Order Forms



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Intuitive Form Builder

  •  Drag and drop
  •  Auto-validation
  •  Salesforce-ready fields
  •  No technical expertise required
  •  Powerful customizations

Easy Publishing

  •  Copy and paste embed code
  •  One-click hosted form
  •  iFrame form embedding
  •  Email your prefilled forms


  •  Branding and colors
  •  Point and click style editor
  •  Responsive forms
  •  Full CSS editing capabilities
  •  Reusable style templates


  •  Tamper proof forms
  •  Encryption
  •  Out-of-the-box data validation

Beyond Basic Forms

  •  Payment
  •  E-Signatures
  •  Surveys
  •  Prefilled forms

Looking for HIPAA compliant forms?

Fast Forms NativeCloud is the answer!

Fast Forms Native Cloud

Create powerful Salesforce forms and surveys at a sensible price.

Are you a Non-Profit Organization?




Billed at  $348/year



Billed at  $348/year
  • Single Object
  • Multi Object
  • Captcha
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Submission Dashboard
  • PDF Form Submissions




Billed at $708/year



Billed at $588/year
Basic features plus:
  • File Upload with Chatter Support
  • Record Updates with Upsert Fields
  • Conditional Rules
  • Survey-Friendly Field Types
  • Multi-Page Forms




Billed at $1068/year



Billed at $960/year
Professional features plus:
  • Dynamic Prefill
  • Advanced Record Updates
  • E-Signatures with Email Verification
  • Payment Collection
  • Repeatable Sections






  • Single Object
  • Multi Object
  • Captcha
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Submission Dashboard
  • PDF Form Submissions






Basic features plus:
  • File Upload with Chatter Support
  • Record Updates with Upsert Fields
  • Conditional Rules
  • Survey-Friendly Field Types
  • Multi-Page Forms






Professional features plus:
  • Dynamic Prefill
  • Advanced Record Updates
  • E-Signatures with Email Verification
  • Payment Collection
  • Repeatable Sections

Pricing FAQs

A. A user of Fast Forms is anyone that need to create or modify forms for your organization. So if you have one person on the team responsible for creating or modifying your forms, you’ll only need one subscription.

A. As many as you want! All users on a paid plan can create an unlimited number of forms. The free edition of Fast Forms is limited to the creation of a maximum of two forms.

A. All editions of Fast Forms allow for an unlimited number of form submissions.

A. Yes we definitely have an NPO discount! Qualified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations are eligible to our NPO discount for our Professional, Enterprise and NativeCloud packages. Please click here to view our pricing chart. Click on the 'Are you a Non-Profit Organization' switch. This will show you the discounted pricing for NPOs. If you have any other questions about NPO pricing, please email us as

Eligible Organizations:

Organization Type Description Requirements
501c3 charities (U.S. & Canada) Charities that have received the 501c3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service in the United States, or charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency in Canada. U.S. charities must provide a copy of your 501(c)3 letter in PDF format.
Canadian charities will be asked to provide a Canadian Revenue “Charitable” letter. A link to your charity's registration on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website will also be sufficient.
K–12 schools (U.S. & Canada) Stand alone K-12 Charter schools, K-12 KiPP schools, and K-12 schools that are NOT part of a State/Federal funded school district U.S. institutions must provide a copy of your 501c3 letter or a copy of the university’s listing from the “National Center for Education Statistics” (NCES) website in PDF format.
Canadian institutions must provide a Canadian Revenue “Charitable” letter. A link to your institution's registration on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website will also be sufficient. 
Charitable, nongovernmental or nonprofit organization (Non-U.S. or Canada) Organizations that meet the following criteria may qualify:
  • Your primary purpose is that you are a charitable institution.
  • Your primary purpose is non-political.
  • You are not primarily a trade or sector association.
  • You are not an individual.
You will need to provide governing documentation to show you are recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, or nongovernmental organization in the country where you are located. If your country does not have an official registry for your organization’s entity you may provide a copy of your Articles of Association or similar legal documentation with financial statements. This must contain all the relevant information that shows you are not for profit and your primary purpose is charitable & socially benefiting as a result. The documentation must give us an idea of your 'registered charity' status.

Ineligible Organizations:

  • Higher education institutions (U.S. & Canada & International)
  • 501(c)4, 501(c)6, or non 501(c)3 Organizations: Organizations that do not have a 501c3 designation, but rather a c4, c6 or other nonprofit status are not eligible.
  • Healthcare organizations providing patient care: Hospitals and Healthcare systems providing patient care are ineligible. 
  • State & Local Organizations: Currently, some State and Local Organizations do not qualify for the not-for profit program. These organizations include but are not limited to, State and Local government agencies, government owned/funded health care organizations, public K-12 schools and school districts, economic development organizations, and Chambers of Commerce (excluding Foundations).


A. Yes! If you choose to upgrade part of the way through an annual subscription, we will only charge you the annual rate difference between your current tier and the upgraded tier, pro-rated for the rest of your subscription period.

A. Unfortunately, we can only offer subscriptions of the same tier within individual organizations.

A. Simply click ‘Buy Now’ in the package of your choosing above and follow the instructions to purchase new licenses. We’ll ensure your newly purchased license is associated to your organization.

A. Our policy for annual subscriptions is that they are not refundable. Our 30 day free trial enables you to  test and ensure that all functionality is part of Fast Forms prior to committing to a purchase. Our technical sales team and support team will work with you to ensure that the app can be evolved to meet your use case after your purchase to ensure a successful implementation. However if your organization has been experiencing instability with Fast Forms or demonstrable technical glitches and you can share these glitches with our team, we are happy to refund the remaining part of the annual subscription fee minus an administrative fee of $80 USD.

Compare Plan Details









Capture Contacts, Leads, Cases or Accounts

Easily store form submissions to new case, account, contact or lead records.

Post-Submission Redirect

Redirect your users to another page after form submission.


Prevent spam using a simple text validation check.

Hosted Forms

One-click access to forms using a social media-friendly short URL.

Read-Only Fields

Fields for presenting data to your users without the ability to modify.


All form changes are saved automatically to Salesforce.

Form Duplication

One-click duplication of any existing form for easy re-use and customization.


Fast Forms form submissions are automatically validated for data formats and required fields, no configuration required.

Security Features

All confidential form data is encrypted securely within your site and on Fast Forms' secure servers. Sensitive information such as hidden field values and record IDs are encrypted and cannot be tampered with.

Submission Dashboard

View and track submissions, quickly resolve issues, and administer your signed forms from our new Submission Dashboard page.

Any Standard or Custom Object

Capture form submissions directly into any Salesforce standard or custom object.


Capture up to 15 standard or custom object records in one submission.

Style Editor

Full-fledged style editor for customizing all aspects of your form's style, with the ability to write custom CSS code.

Javascript API

Advanced API for executing custom Javascript code within your forms.

Conditional Logic

Add powerful if-then rules to your forms to show, hide or populate fields dynamically based on form responses.

Prefill by URL

Fill in your forms using values provided in your form's page URL.

File Upload

Allow users to submit any number of files to be attached to your Salesforce record.

Multi-Page Forms

Create multiple-page forms for building large application forms or mobile-friendly surveys.

Chatter File Support

Upload attached files to Chatter for easier collaboration across your organization.

Survey-Friendly Fields

Customize the display of your form's picklists and numeric fields with survey-friendly radio buttons, checkboxes, searchable lists, star ratings and Net Promoter Score controls.

Update by Field

Define one or more 'upsert' fields for lookup and update of existing records in Salesforce.

Salesforce Lookup Fields

Provide your users with the ability to look up and select a Salesforce record from an existing Salesforce list view.

Save for Later

Allow your users to save a partial form submission for later retrieval - perfect for longer application forms and multi-page surveys.

Custom Alerts

Customize email alerts on form submission with your company branding and custom wording, or create your own custom alerts.

Repeatable Sections

Allow your users to submit any number of related detail records when filling out your form.

Send By Email

Distribute powerful pre-filled update request and stay-in-touch forms for your clients via email.

Export Prefill URLs

Export your clients' unique pre-filled form links to any third-party emailing or marketing automation platform.

Dynamic Prefill

Retrieve form information from Salesforce instantaneously and dynamically on form load.

Update by ID

Securely target Salesforce record IDs for updates using an encrypted secure link to a pre-filled form.

Autogenerated Prefill URLs

Automatically distribute record update links, empowering your users to update their submissions at any time.

Payment Integration

Collect payments easily and securely directly in your forms with PayPal, iATS, and Stripe integration.


Capture typed or drawn electronic signatures in your forms, and verify your users' email addresses instantly.

Portal Support

Leverage Fast Forms to enhance your company intranet or client portal with a secure prepopulated form for update existing Salesforce records.
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