Our work is to make your work smarter and faster.

Visual Antidote has helped our customers get the results they need from industry-leading software platforms such as iMIS, Kentico and Salesforce. Our talented team, based in Toronto, Canada, can deliver a wide variety of services and components to help you do better.

We have strong experience in conversion and implementation projects. Post-implementation we also can create high quality add-ons to your systems that seamlessly integrate into your business processes. All of this is backed by a strong customer service focus, accountability and on-going support.

Founded in 2004, Visual Antidote has grown to become one of Canada's leading iMIS Authorized Consultants and has been a Gold Partner for Kentico since 2013. Visual Antidote also created popular form-building tools for iMIS and Salesforce and has extensive experience in integrating these technologies.

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Our Team

Ali Azhar

Ravi Bhalala

BJ Byrne

Parteek Chhabra

Denis Grey

James Harrison

Peter Karamitsos

Supreet Malhotra

Angel Milev

Ilyas Nasirov

Akshay Paladiya

Keith Stoute


Written by the Team

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Visual Antidote Wins 3rd Consecutive Award as Consultant of the Year

Visual Antidote is pleased to share with our customers and friends that we have won our 3rd consecutive Authorized iMIS Consultant of the Year award for Canada. This is a testament to our close working relationships and trusted customers who have made this possible.

IBM Watson and The Greater Fool Blog Sentiment Analysis

We scraped over one year of blogs and comments from greaterfool.ca, and applied them to IBM Watson to see what IBM's AI had to say about Canada's best financail blog! 

Progressive Web Apps

Apps for mobile devices that run in the browser and do not need to be downloaded from an app store. With the advent of super fast 5G mobile networks, PWAs will soon become a contender to native mobile applications.