Our Event Barcode Scanner iPart integrates directly with iMIS Events and is iMIS Cloud friendly. With our system your members can sign up for an event and receive a barcode ticket by email. They can print their ticket or display it on a mobile phone and you can scan them at the door to mark them for attendance. 

    Built for:

Scanner iPart

This iPart resides on the iMIS Staff site. With this iPart iMIS Staff users can scan event attendees into an event using a USB or Bluetooth standard Handheld Barcode Scanner.

After scanning the member will be marked as attended. If the user is not registered for the event or ticket is for different event, a message will be displayed on the screen See screen shot below of iMIS Staff interface. 

Barcode Ticket iPart

This iPart is placed on a public facing page and generates an online event ticket with Barcode. Each ticket is unique to each user and for a specific iMIS Event. Member can print this ticket or show it on their mobile phone to be scanned at the event entrance. See example screen shot below.


Email Communication Template

This is a sample iMIS Email Communication template used to email a member the link to their online ticket. Using iMIS Process Automation Plus these emails can be sent out to a member immediately after their event registration has been paid. Sample IQA for Process Automation is also included

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iMIS Event Barcode Scanner

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