Form Builder Product Kits

User-friendly tool that will allow your members interact with one another with their posted ads

A feature rich application for managing grievances and complaints.

Abstracts or Proposals are captured and move through a defined workflow with configurable tasks and deadlines for each step. The workflows are defined to meet your business needs and can be built on, or adjusted, over time.

The Job Board kit allows you to provide your members or the public with the ability to post resumes, review job opportunities and submit their resumes for available jobs.

If you have upcoming events and conferences (virtual or otherwise) and want to have your stakeholders offer to speak, you can use this kit to collect all the pertinent information on the proposed speakers and topics.

NiUG 2020Looking for a solution and not more custom development? Form Builder for iMIS allows you to both create intelligent and responsive custom forms, and deploy them to both your staff and stakeholders equally. To help you take full advantage of the possibilities, Visual Antidote now offers Form Builder Product Kits which include:

All of these elements are built using standard iMIS components and are fully iMIS Cloud ready. As part of our service we will tailor your chosen product kit to your unique environment and requirements. Form Builder Product Kits allow you to go from design to delivery in days - not weeks or months.

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