Welcome to Visual Antidote’s Classified Ads for iMIS, one of many Product Kits we have created to help customers create mission critical applications right inside their iMIS system.

Using a Visual Antidote Product Kit gives you the advantage of using a fully integrated solution equipped with the tools already included with iMIS, rather than third-party add-ons or custom code*.

With the Classified Ads kit, you will have a user-friendly tool that allows your members interact with one another via their posted ads. There are multiple types and categories to choose from that are all configurable in iMIS. Furthermore, members and staff will be able to manage postings for safety and accuracy. Having the Classified Ads kit available can increase membership engagement and interaction.


How It Works

Like all of our Product Kits, Classified Ads is built using the tools and components included with iMIS: iMIS RiSE web pages, IQA reports, Forms, Security, eCommerce Shopping Cart, etc.

As such, there is no need to integrate, rebrand, create single-sign-ons, share data or other integration efforts normally required with third-party tools such as Kijiji or eBay. All the payments, accounting, refunds and content updates are already handled by the capabilities that come with iMIS.


  • Free and easy-to-use Classified Ads dashboard for members to create and manage posts
  • Customizable ad types and categories all within iMIS
  • Rules enabled forms that interact with users
  • Image gallery of uploaded photos by users
  • Simple and straightforward staff site management page


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