Welcome to Visual Antidote’s Job Board for iMIS, one of many Product Kits we have created to help customers deploy mission critical applications right inside their iMIS system.

Using a Visual Antidote Product Kit gives you the advantage of using a fully integrated solution equipped with the tools already included with iMIS, rather than third-party add-ons or a custom coded solution.

With the Visual Antidote Job Board you can set up and run a job board that is tailored to the specific needs of your industry, as well as the membership base you serve. Your job board helps two key constituents: those seeking employment, and those with jobs to fill. You can configure the Job Board to track and filter the types of categories, locations and metadata key to your industry.

Aside from better serving your membership, the Job Board allows you to increase revenue by charging employers fees to advertise jobs on your site

How It Works

Like all of our Product Kits, the Job Board is built using the tools and components included with iMIS: iMIS RiSE web pages, IQA reports, Forms, Security, eCommerce Shopping Cart, etc.

As such, there is no need to integrate, rebrand, create single-sign-ons, share data or use other integration efforts normally required with third-party tools like Indeed or Monster. All the payments, accounting, refunds and content updates are already handled by the capabilities that come with iMIS. 


Below are some of the key features offered with the Visual Antidote Job Board for iMIS.

Configuration Options

  • Choose what type of data elements or metadata you need to track around jobs. The product ships with standard elements such as company size, geographical location, salary range, education requirements, etc., but you can also add many fields specific to your industry. Such fields might include whether a position is unionized or not, whether an industry specific credential designation is required, or whatever it is your employers need to advertise or categorize around.
  • You can restrict the application process to active members of your organization, or on any criteria you choose.
  • Reports - because all the data is stored in iMIS, you can create real time reports or dashboards showing which regions or member demographic or most active on the Job Board, something not feasible with third-party products.
  • Pricing is completely flexible as it’s run from your iMIS eCommerce capabilities.
  • Offer bulk discounts to employers buying more than one job ad at a time.

Employers Posting Jobs

  • Create your company profile for candidates to see
  • Purchase multiple job ads (i.e. buy 5 ads for a 20% discount)
  • Ability to create a hiring manager profile - allow one or more people at your company to manage job posts for your company
  • Ability to post a job with start and end dates
  • Ability to close/remove the posted job
  • Social Media - easy links to share job ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • See how many views your job posts have garnered
  • Admin panel to manage applications
  • Ability to view the applied candidate profile and resume without disclosing the contact and the name of the applicant
  • Ability to track the interest in the posting: number of notified, number of viewed, number of applied.
  • Tailor reply to applicants via email, post submission online
  • Get notified real time as applications are received
  • Get notified daily summary of applications received
  • Historical log of all applications, jobs, notifications
  • Deny an application with a notification sent to candidate


  • Ability to browse active jobs, filter on metadata set up by Provider (i.e. certifications required, type of job)
  • Ability to set up a candidate profile
  • Ability to apply to an available job
  • Ability to see all applications filed, cancel application
  • Add Word/PDF resumes to profile
  • Have multiple resumes and choose per application which to submit with application

Find Out More

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