Sonic Forms

for iMIS

The Do-it-yourself form builder in iMIS

With VA’s Sonic Forms you can create online web forms for your members to update data into iMIS.  VA's Sonic Forms is an online tool that allows you to create great looking HTML forms with iMIS fields easily.

Ideal Uses

  • Sign up forms and membership applications

  • Renewal wizards

  • Collecting preferences or opinions from members or stakeholders

  • Uploading files or documents over the web

  • Polls or surveys

  • Publishing Multi-instance tables on the web

  • Customize using jQuery to build truly dynamic forms

  • Updating contact, address or company information



  • Forms work with all iParts to make dynamic pages

  • Uses iBOs/SOA for all interactions

  • Surf-to-Manage forms

  • Forms can update other parts of the iMIS database

  • Installs in minutes – lightweight and easy

  • No limit on the number of forms you can create


  • Built with iParts for 100% compatibility with iMIS and RiSE
  • Sonic Forms uses the same tools and editor used by RiSE
  • Easy click-to-add iMIS fields in WYSIWYG iMIS editor
  • Uses built in iMIS security model
  • Deploys on to any iMIS web page
  • Updates data with supported iMIS API
  • Installs in minutes
  • Advanced duplicate check
  • Using jQuery to build highly customizable forms with complex business logic