for Kentico

Smooth & powerful Salesforce integration for Kentico

Syntegrate for Kentico adds another weapon to your marketing arsenal - the ability to leverage your valuable Salesforce data to target your customers more effectively. Spare yourself the headaches of data migration into and out of Salesforce. With Syntegrate you can store your data wherever you choose with the flexibility to decide what information is synchronized & when.

Ideal Uses

  • Score your website visitors based on historical Salesforce information

  • Customize your site visitor experience by creating user segments from Salesforce contacts

  • Keep your salesforce data up to date with the activity on your website


  • Full Salesforce integration

  • Synchronize any Kentico contact field with any standard or custom Salesforce object fields

  • Intelligent architecture

  • Advanced duplicate check, auto-mapping of fields, Salesforce record ID synchronization

  • Seamless automation

  • Works alongside Kentico's built-in Salesforce integration tools


  • Intuitive step-based profile creation
  • A complete list of all standard and custom Salesforce objects and fields to choose from
  • Intelligent auto-map functionality allowing for one-click field mapping
  • Exact record targeting in Salesforce with record ID synchronization feature
  • Built seamlessly into Kentico EMS's Online Marketing tools
  • Powerful duplicate check feature to keep your data clean