VA Insight

VA Insight is a learning management system used to create educational courses in iMIS. Courses can be made up of a combination of Lessons and Tests. VA Insight is installed directly into iMIS and is accessible in the IMIS Staff Site


Ideal Uses


  • ‚Äč
  Teach / demonstrate / present
Branching options – repeat / remediate / fail
Evaluate any step with scoring and response
Deliver your on-line instruction with Formatted hypertext / Hi-Res Images / Video
Randomized question presentation
Multiple choice / points per response
Additional options for student viewing / update of certification records
Summary by lesson and course


  • Use of video, photos, links and other learning materials

  • Ability to reuse course materials easily

  • Flexible distance learning

  • Evaluation of student progress

  • Fully integrated into iMIS 15

  • Flexible scoring and validation


  •  Flexible Course / Lesson / Step architecture
  •  In-class communication built-in via iMIS
  •  Access controlled by IQA
  •  Uses WCM iParts
  •  Assessment of skills across multiple knowledge areas or competencies