iMIS Forms and NiUG

NiUG and iMIS Forms and the Phil Roberts Scholarship

NiUG is now taking Phil Roberts scholarship applications live with iMIS Forms! Working with Visual Antidote, NiUG has replaced an outdated manual application process with a fully integrated online application process that allows users to:

  • Access a streamlined workflow to select the type of application they are interested in
  • Create an account, or login with their existing iMIS credentials
  • Confirm their contact information
  • Provide relevant experience and details as to why they feel they are a strong candidate for the scholarship
  • Upload supporting documents and letter references in a Word or PDF format

The solution provides NiUG with a central review portal in their iMIS Staff site to see, comment and grade all the applications. Applicants also receive an automatically generated confirmation when their application is submitted through iMIS.

Using iMIS Forms to accept and review scholarships will greatly improve our efficiency and customer experience surrounding our scholarships. Not only will our staff and members save time, we're ensuring the best possible review process given that all the information is collected in the same fashion. This is the first of many workflows we plan to build in iMIS with forms.” – Michele Morgan, Executive Director of NiUG International

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iMIS Upgrade Webinar

Users Fill in the Form Along with Supporting Documentation

Staff Are Notified as Applications Roll In


Staff Can Make Notes and Accept or Decline Applications