Our Scan2iMIS package integrates directly with iMIS events and is cloud friendly. Generate personalized barcodes for your members on any RiSE page and then use that barcode information to capture activity or participation information directly into iMIS.

Built for:

Scan2iMIS Entry

Scan2iMIS Entry is a REST-enabled iPart that is deployed on a Staff site. With this iPart iMIS Staff users can scan participants into an event using a USB or Bluetooth standard Handheld Barcode Scanner. After scanning the member the iPart performs a lookup versus a specified event or function and returns a success or failure message. In addition, Scan2iMIS Entry can update an activity or event attendance record in iMIS.

Scan2iMIS Barcode

Scan2iMIS Barcode is an optional component that can be deployed on any member facing page in RiSE. It generates a unique barcode and other details as needed. A perfect example of this is an event entry ticket. Each ticket is unique to each user and tagged for a specific iMIS Event. Members can print this ticket or show it on their mobile phone to be scanned at the event entrance.

Send Tickets and Barcodes via Email

It is easy and effective to combine Scan2iMIS Barcode with an event or other communication template to email a member a link to their online ticket. Using iMIS Process Automation Plus allows these emails to be sent out to a member immediately after their event registration fee has been paid. Sample IQA for Process Automation is also included.

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