About ESC

A non-profit organization, Energy Safety Canada was launched in October 2017 with the merger of Enform Canada and the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA). Energy Safety Canada works side by side with industry to drive safe work performance.

Project Overview

A modern Kentico website which integrates with IMIS CMS including Single Sign On.

ESC extensive course list is displayed in Kentico and managed by iMIS in the backup, creating a modern experience for the user.


Implementation Goals

Energy Safety Canada’s goal was to redesign their website as a more responsive and editor-friendly site. Content needed to have a consistent look and feel for, regardless of what section of the site was being updated. 

Being able to manage content and synchronize Events between Kentico and other CMS sites was critical, as well as allowing members to sign in to all connected sites in a seamless way

The Challenges

Some of the challenges included:

  • How to have single sign-on experience
  • How to develop search to include multiple page types, as well as widget content
  • Best way to allow users to create content

The Results

Developing the site with MVC allowed the site to be designed in such a way that would allow editors to freely change the content of various pages while allowing the developers to cleanly define barriers between content, style and functionality.

To achieve this, custom Widgets are used throughout the site.

  • The widgets were designed in a way that would pull data from custom content-only page types.
  • Using content-only pages for widgets allowed the same content to be shared between multiple widgets and provided a clean way of separating content from style and functionality.

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A modern, responsive Kentico website which integrates with IMIS

A modern, responsive Kentico website which integrates with IMIS

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